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SPECIAL NOTE: We are physically moving to a different city and so the store is going to be temporarily shut down, as of September 12, 2015. We expect to be back up about mid October 2015. Please check back with us at that time.

The Album Cover Store offers a selection of framed vintage album covers. The album cover collector can find many vintage album covers here; however, we have many album covers that have not yet been loaded onto this site so feel free to request album covers that you need for your album cover collection and we will search our album cover inventory. We hope that you enjoy shopping for vintage record album covers at the Album Cover Store. The Album Cover Store is part of Rainbow Wall.

The Use of Framed Vintage Record Album Covers to Complete a Room's Decor.

    The Use of Framed Record Album Covers to Complete a Room’s Decor.

Rainbow Wall is the on-line store for exotic home decorations, vintage collectibles and unique gifts from around the world. Like the many colors of a Rainbow, a wide range of gifts and products, including framed record album covers, animal wood carvings from Africa, and ancient coins from the Roman Empire and beautifully colored postage stamps from exotic lands are offered at Rainbow Wall. The little store with the big surprises, Rainbow Wall will continually expand its selection of unique and exotic products and gifts so check back often.

Rainbow Wall the Album Cover Store with vintage album covers

5 thoughts on “Album Cover Store

  1. I am trying to find a don henleys boys of summer album.m please let me know if you have one for sale. Thx Fran whiting

  2. Do you buy vintage album covers? If so, how much do you pay for them? I have some (Who-Who Sell Out, Stones-12×5, Dead-History of, Vol 1,, Doors-Strange Days & Weird Scenes,, Airplane- Surrealisic Pillow &, Hendrix-Axis,.. plus some more. If interested, call me- Rick at 813-574-7801 or email-

  3. Hey! Do you guys have a daft punk homework album cover? I think decorating with album covers are a great idea and would love to get into it

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